Measurement data

Here you can download the software developed by our research group. Please, cite the corresponding papers if you use them. Conditions of CC-BY-NC-4.0 apply.

Pollutant emission measurement data of CME, PME, WCO30, WCO40, D, NG, and JP-8

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Ultra-low emission combustion of diesel-coconut biodiesel fuels by a mixture temperature-controlled combustion mode

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Mixture Temperature-Controlled combustion of different biodiesels and conventional fuels

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Comparison of thermophysical properties and combustion characteristics of various biodiesels in a non-MILD ultra-low emission swirl burner

Gyöngyvér Tóthpálné Hidegh, Dávid Csemány, Osama DarAli, Syed Ali Hamza Rizvi, Jo-Han Ng, Cheng Tung Chong, Viktor Józsa

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